About us

Clean Paper srl

For nearly twenty years Clean Paper Converting has worked respecting the environment  with the aim of offering an alternative quality of tissues in pure cellulose to those traditionally available.

The company's strengths are:

   • quality
   • service
   • technology

Clean Paper Converting is able to guarantee a superior quality both at production and finished product levels thanks to the machinery in operation at the 5.000 sqm site which consists in three pocket tissue lines, a box facial tissue line and a machine producing refreshing and cleansing wipes in individual sachets.

Gifted with the know-how of a territory like that of Lucca and the paper-making tradition that fears no world rival, Clean Paper Converting is always ready to take on any type of request. An in-house design studio permits Clean Paper Converting to expedite all artwork and layout processes.

Clean Paper Converting is equipped with an in-house flexographic polythene and polipropylene printing unit, and integrated equipment for the printing of cellulose tissue.

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